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Seconds Pin Lucky Dip Bag!

Pin & Tonic

Sale price £10.00 Regular price £80.00
Seconds Pin Lucky Dip Bag!

Everyone loves a lucky dip bag right?! Grab yourself some pins at discounted prices. 

These bags may contain pins from the following collections:

  • Here There Be Dragons (Series 1 only)
  • Deep Sea Dreamscape
  • Cosmic Canines
  • Pin and Tonic Monthly Club

There are a limited number of bags that contain pins which are usually only available to club members! 

Seconds quality pins will have minor aesthetic defects, including slight scratches, missing enamel, air bubbles or plating errors. They are still beautiful, and are perfect for those who like to wear their pins without fear of damaging a perfect piece!

Lucky bags are sent at random, I do not know what is in each one. They are non refundable and do not include backing cards :)

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