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Monthly Pin Club

Pin & Tonic Club Subscription!

Pin & Tonic

Regular price £12.50
Pin & Tonic Club Subscription!
Pin & Tonic Club Subscription!
Pin & Tonic Club Subscription!
Pin & Tonic Club Subscription!
Pin & Tonic Club Subscription!
Pin & Tonic Club Subscription!
Pin & Tonic Club Subscription!
Pin & Tonic Club Subscription!

To celebrate the launch of our website based pin club, all members will receive a matching mini pin for free! Sign up be October 9th to get yours.

October is all about Tricksters this year! In Japanese folklore, foxes have the ability to shapshift and regularly use this power to play tricks on gullible humans. The Cait Sidhe is a Celtic myth of a fairy creature said to resemble a black cat with a white spot on its chest. Leave a saucer of milk out on Samhain and the Cait Sidhe will bless your house, fail to do this however and your cows will be cursed to produce no more milk. 

Love getting a new pin every month? How about two?! These designs are limited edition and only available for a short amount of time. Subscribe to receive one or two brand new designs every month and save 20%

Shipping of club pins is FREE for UK members, and international subscribers enjoy a reduced rate. (You'll be charged shipping if you add extra items to your cart to be sent alongside your club order)

Subscribers get access to past designs - these can be added to your next monthly package once your subscription is live!

Club designs are 44mm in size and hard enamel unless otherwise stated. They have two pin posts to keep them the right way up and each pin comes with a matching vinyl sticker. 

How Club Subscriptions Work!

- Choose the pin you would like from the available designs (or both!) and add a subscription to your cart.

- Add any other items you'd like from my store to your cart to have them ship together! You can not add items to your first package after you have checked out, so make sure to do it all at once.

- Checkout as normal, your first payment will be charged immediately at checkout and your order will be sent with the next batch of club packages.

Subscriptions are charged on the 10th of the month - your first payment is made immediately, after this you will be charged automatically for the next round of club pins. Don't worry - you will never be charged twice for the same pins. For example, if you sign up on the 14th of August, this will be counted as your payment for your September package. Your next charge would be on the 10th of October.

Club packages are sent around the 12th of the month - If you sign up on the 24th of August, your package will ship around the 12th of September. Your next automatic payment would be on the 10th of October.

Designs are updated on the 11th - You will be able to choose which you would like in your next package after this date. If you are a new subscriber, the pin you add to your cart will be the pin you receive in your first package.

Choose your pin, skip a month or cancel your subscripton on your account - simply log in and click "manage my subscriptions".

Easily add to your monthly package - once your subscription is set up, you can add one off items to your package each month via your account. These will be charged for with your next subscription payment.

If you forget to pick which design you would like before your next scheduled payment, you will automatically be assigned a design when your payment is taken. It may be possible to change this before despatch, please email as soon as possible after you're charged so I can look into it for you!